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Nate Bargatze: Hello World (2023)

Director :

Mike Lavin

Stars :

Nate Bargatze

Genre :


Release :


Rating :

6 from IMDb

Story :

The comedian Nate Bargatze brings his signature affability and good-natured aw-shucks vibe to his third special (this time on Amazon; the previous two are on Netflix), which stands out among the darker, more confessional and more cynical stand-up of our moment. He admits that most of his information about the world “does not come from a building of education — it’s all stuff I’ve overheard at Target or Lowe’s,” and he moseys through his Christian upbringing, explains the pitfalls of being asked to bring ice to a party (“It’s either not enough or the most ice I’ve ever seen in my life”) and delivers one of the best middle-child jokes I’ve ever heard. As with his other specials, this is pretty chaste and thus perfect for multigenerational viewing.

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